What should you look for in a data verification vendor?

Your Verification Report Supplier will be a trusted partner, responsible for timely execution of essential steps early in your lending process.

Day 1 Certianty
DataVerify is an authorized Verification Report Supplier for Day 1 Certainty™.

The Desktop Underwriter® (DU®) validation service uses third-party providers to independently validate essential borrower income, asset, and employment data. These third-party providers don't replace your relationship with Fannie Mae; they provide independent data verification reports that dramatically streamline processing of the files you submit to DU.

That means you must work only with Verification Report Suppliers that have completed Fannie Mae's rigorous authorization process.

Who can I work with?

Fannie Mae offers two ways for lenders to obtain verification reports: through Verification Report Suppliers or Verification Report Distributors.

  • Verification Report Suppliers are directly integrated with the DU validation service. This direct link can simplify and speed up the validation process.
  • Verification Report Distributors are not directly integrated with the DU validation service. They must obtain reports from authorized Verification Report Suppliers. DataVerify works with the following approved Verification Report Distributors:

To be authorized as a Verification Report Supplier, vendors must be pre-qualified and complete a detailed process:

  • Provide the technology, tools, security, and platforms necessary for the handling and analysis of electronic data
  • Provide forms and reports in the format required by the Internal Revenue Service
  • Execute an agreement with Fannie Mae
  • Undergo assessments throughout the onboarding and implementation processes
  • Test and meet service level agreements and requirements for security controls, data collection, and validation
  • Execute a pilot program and adjust services based on test environment
  • Demonstrate readiness for program execution and appropriate customer support
  • Engage in ongoing monitoring and review

As an Authorized Verification Report Supplier for verification of employment (VOE), verification of income (VOI), and 4506-T tax transcripts, DataVerify meets all Fannie Mae's requirements. The DataVerify platform is directly integrated with the DU validation service and with the IRS's tax return processing system, providing lenders with efficient, timely data submissions and report delivery.

As your trusted partner, DataVerify is dedicated to ensuring lenders have a secure and efficient method for evaluating and delivering income, asset, and employment information. The DataVerify platform provides lenders with the information they need to make informed, consistent, and efficient lending decisions.

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